AKI Acute Kidney Injury
CCG Clinical Commissioning Group
CoC Certificate of Conformity
CPCF Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework
CPCS Community Pharmacist Consultation Scheme
CSU Commissioning Support Unit
DBS Disclosure and Barring Services
DMIRS Digital Minor Illness Referral Service (replaced by NUMSAS, then by CPCS)
DAPL Dynamic Approved Provider List
EHC Early Hormonal Contraception
EPS Electronic Prescription Service
HLP Healthy Living Pharmacy
HSCIC Health & Social Care Information Centre
HWBB Health & Wellbeing Board
LAT Local Area Team
LMC Local Medical Committee
LPC Local Pharmaceutical Committee
LPF Local Practice Forum
LPN Local Professional Network
MAR Medicine Administration Record
MUR Medicines Use Review
NHSBSA NHS Business Services Authority
NHSCB NHS Commissioning Board
NMS New Medicines Service
NUMSAS NHS Urgent Medical Supply Advanced Service (now
OCCG Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
PCN Primary Care Network
PNA NHS Business Services Authority
PQS Pharmacy Quality Scheme
PSNC Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
SCR Summary Care Record
STP Sustainable Transformation Plan