Enhanced Service for Palliative Care – Evaluation

Enhanced Service for Palliative Care – Evaluation

October 16, 2019

ActMed Study: Access to Medicines in the last year of life – Invitation to participate in an evaluation of community pharmacy delivered enhanced services for palliative care

We are looking for community pharmacists who provide an enhanced service for palliative care (on demand availability of specialist drugs) to take part in a brief telephone interview.

Participation will involve a single interview (less than 30 minutes), arranged at a time convenient to you, about your experience of providing enhanced services for palliative care.  We are interested in the barriers and facilitating factors that influence your ability to deliver an enhanced service.  You will receive an Amazon voucher as reimbursement for your time participating (£30/half hour).

Further details about participation can be found in this information sheet.

If you agree to participate you will be asked to sign this consent form.

The study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research.  For details of the full study please see: https://www.journalslibrary.nihr.ac.uk/programmes/hsdr/165223/#/

If you are willing to discuss taking part in an interview please contact: 

Dr Judith Lathlean

E: J.Lathlean@soton.ac.uk

T: 07770 757345 or 01962 713006

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